Type: Urban Residential Apartments
Location: North Amirabad
Client: Mr. Yeganeh
Land Area: 400 sqm.
Building Area: 1700 sqm.
The client came to us having seen our “Soheil” project which belonged to his friend.
Although the area is not one of the best areas in the city, he wanted a very high quality building with relatively expensive materials, both because they wanted to use a couple of the apartments for themselves and also since it was their family property, where they owned and lived for many years.
As we found him a young educated bright client with very good understanding of cultural issues, the “Modern Contemporary” theme was explained and discussed with him from the very beginning and the project started on very healthy grounds from day one.
There is a relatively good open view to the south of the project. Therefore we decided to have very large windows there, keeping them randomly controlled, as it is our present design belief in contemporary buildings.
The client is extremely cultured and we enjoy working with him. The project which was designed in early 2011 is now under construction.