Takhti 9

In this building which consists of ten large apartments I tried once again to continue experiencing with the way that form touches the outside space. Here I designed a very simple brick box as a symbol of warm, strong and familiar home. On the other hand everything else that is added to this block is made of just one other cold, light and modern material which is the metal sheet. This part of the design, from parapet flashings to balcony railings and fences for some of the windows together make a single surface that brings the outside space to meet the heavy form of the building. The “in between space” here sometimes makes the terraces or smaller balconies and other times just leaves a small 40 cm void between the two. I chose this metal to be aluminum to be water resistant and more importantly as a statement against using the imported lately fashionable aluminum composite panels. Up to a couple of years ago when the import of foreign building materials were prohibited, the trend of building facades were based on local materials like brick or cement. However if today we follow new trends regardless of the origins of the materials we could face irreversible losses. This issue that has its roots in the culture of our society has to be studied thoroughly. In this regard I had an article in the Architecture and Urban Design magazine which I will bring to your attention in relation to this project;