Type: Residential Apartment Building
Location: Darrus area, Tehran (Suburbs of Tehran)
Client: Mr. Mohsenipour
Land Area: 710 sqm.
Building Area: 3600 sqm.
The client came to us having seen our “Pirzadeh, Pasdaran” building. Apparently he had completed a project adjacent to that project.
He conferred about having very large apartments of over 400 sqm each, on every level which we agreed to. He also had rather good ideas about the site and the social environment of that area.
One of the unique characteristics of this site was the fact that on the west side there was an open view through a narrow alley overlooking the “Yakhchal” road. This particular point in the site was the main starting point for the spatial arrangement of the project. The differentiation between the guests area and family area is very clear in these large apartments. However the normally dark and left over family living rooms are replaced by a huge family/TV room adjacent to the kitchen with a balcony and a view.
Having balconies on both sides was another decision in planning. The simplicity of the design was also shown in the design of the elevations of the building which are simply made of bricks with a touch-up of wood and made contemporary by having the windows arranged randomly on each level.
The same simple design strategy is being followed through in the interior of the building.
The project which was designed at the beginning of 2011 is still under construction and is supposed to be completed by October 2012.