Khayam Building

This residential building had drawings for 45 flats in 4.5 stories. The clients wanted to change this arrangement and have larger flats, so I redesigned the project into 22 flats in the same total area. The main reason I was given this contract was firstly the fact that my father had a small share in the project and secondly, my fee was as small as one fifth of the nearest bid! (I found out about this much later). Another important reason was also the time of my contract to prepare the new drawings which was only two weeks. This was very attracting for the impatient clients in comparison with the other proposals who had asked for at least three months. The clients knew that within these two weeks and with such low cost, they could not loose. Even if they were not happy with my design, they would be able to start again after 2 weeks, so despite their doubts, I got their 6000 sqm job. As I could not change the structure, there wasn’t a great deal that I could do with the form. I decided to show vividly the presence of the disturbing structure on the elevations. This building was completed in 1993.