Project 39 is a 7 storey modern residential building made with a reinforced concrete structural frame and slabs. The ground level includes the entrance lobby and the parking. The top 5 floors contain two three bedroom apartments on each floor one to the North, facing the road and looking out towards the mountains and the other one to the South, looking out on to the garden. The basement includes the indoor swimming pool, the gymnasium, the mechanical room and storage rooms plus the quarters for the guard.
The road on the North side of this site forces a certain angel to the geometry of the plan. The result of the diagonal angle that comes from the road makes various random depths and sizes in the Northern balconies of the North main façade. This diagonal geometry follows through the building in many details from the interior of the lobby and the lift to the false ceilings and the interior details of the apartments.
Between the two apartments in the center of the building there is a green courtyard with a green vertical wall to provide natural light and ventilation for the apartments and also to give an attractive natural open green feeling to the users of stairs or the lift and a pleasant experience on every landing at the entrance of the apartments. This courtyard is much larger than the standards required by the municipality deducting from the total sellable square area but adding to the quality of light and space. It also gives more privacy to the apartments by distancing them more from one another.
The unique geometry of the elevation design comes from the existing diagonal lines of the road on the North side of the site. The angel is used to give specific random depths and widths to all the balconies making the main elevation. Wooden planks are used decoratively on two of the four surfaces of each balcony (ceiling and one wall) to emphasize the depth and the random geometry.
The light metal staircase with natural timber flooring is designed to be minimal and as transparent as possible to allow continuity of space between the apartments entrance landings and the green atrium and also to let more light throughout the common spaces in the middle of the building.
The lift has also a unique design derived from the geometry of the diagonal lines. The back wall and the doors are glass to increase continuity of space from inside the lift towards the landings and the courtyard.
The kitchens have minimal designs and all the accessories are concealed. The green colored glass is used on the wall adjacent to the green courtyard to bring the feeling of the natural green courtyard inside the apartments via the kitchens.
The same geometry and forms from the elevation are used in the walls and ceilings of the entrance lobby of the building and even in shaping such elements as a waterfall in the lobby.
The swimming pool is adjacent to the gym area. It is simple and has the same color combinations of the rest of the project and looks out to the garden.