Izad Shahr

This unorthodox villa belongs to a close relative of mine who is the owner of the Villa Lavasan 2 as well. This time it was my condition that they were not allowed to change anything until the work is completed and so they did not even visit the villa during its construction. The spatial idea in this project was the continuity of movement from outside to inside, following a particular path towards a final window which opens to the sea. All other spaces are arranged around this path and are brought together by this route. The outer form is also designed upon this very path. Using copper sheets the walls and roofs become one. The building is closed on one side and open on the other side towards the sea, again based on the main concept. The construction was difficult and took almost three years. Regarding the subject of “concept” and the concept “diagram”, an article was published in Mimar magazine with relation to this building which I shall bring here;