Industrial Offices

This project which was the first project that I designed in Iran that was built, was commissioned to me by my cousin, a structural engineer who was the contractor for the main factory, at a time when I was back on a short trip home to visit my family. I must admit that it was very encouraging and influential on my decision to return home. That is, to be commissioned a project so soon that was actually going to be built too! The main factory was still being built according to previously designed drawings and the space designated to the office building was left untouched. This empty space had created a hole in the corner of a big rectangle. Filling up this hole by connecting the lines of the main rectangle became the main idea behind the design of this project. Later a cylindrical form, in complete contrast with the form of the main factory was placed inside the structural elements that would also act as connecting lines for the rectangle. The contrasting form was supposed to give an outstanding look to the clients. When we progressed with the design of the structure, it was soon known that bringing in the structural frame would decrease the building and maintenance costs without affecting the interior space. Naturally the exposed structural frame that was there only to fulfill an architectural spatial concept was never realized. Before the start of the building phase, I who had no further responsibility in this project, returned to London and I have only seen the finished project once. This project was completed in 1991.