Fasham Villa

Type: Residential Villa
Location: Fasham (Suburbs of Tehran)
Client: Mr. Behagh
Land Area: 3000 sqm.
Building Area: 700 sqm.
The client came to us having seen an under construction project by us in the North of Tehran. He wanted something outstanding although this was only going to be a weekend or holiday residence.
The surrounding views, orientation, approach of the building and its positioning of in the site were logical parameters that we had to take into consideration. The movement towards the building and the views from the inside gave us different directions which we wanted to connect together using a coherent form. Various possibilities of form were studied but the final one which gave the best answer was perhaps the simplest one of all too. A distorted box divided by layers of continuous lines of floors, giving the form all its dents and projections too.
The large openings give better views of beautiful surrounding nature. Movable shades give variety to the façade as well as a choice of light to the interior spaces. The internal space was also seen as one continuous entity.
The architectural design took three months from February 2012 and although some basic construction work has already started, structural, mechanical, electrical and detailed architectural design are taking their course.
Execution is estimated to take 18 months. We hope the client stays on his initial word of wanting something outstanding until the very end.