Philosophy & Design Strategies

As an Iranian architect who has lived and studied in Europe, I try to combine“global” contemporary modern ideas with “local” culture, materials and expertise.

“Modern Contemporary Design” is short, for my way of thinking and design, in relation to environmental, socioeconomic and clientele conditions of each project. Clients’ “needs, safety and comfort” have always been respected in my work. I believe “new architecture”always depends on “visionary clients”.New ideas need strong and courageous people tovisualize and implement them.All good and successful works of architecture have always been the product of active cooperation of a good client and a good architect.

Relating to “site, environment, and surrounding context” is regarded as an important issue in my designs. I tend to use new materials and technology in our work and am not afraid of experimenting with new ideas.

Despite great respect and appreciation for the architecture of the past, in Iran or abroad,I do not copy other people’s work in the past or present. Being contemporary and relatively original is an important issue.

Since today, there are many different “design techniques” known to architects, I may choose to use any of these techniques according to the overall conditions of a project, i.e. budget, client’s taste and culture, surrounding environment and context, etc.

My definition of architecture is “producing space using form”. However “quality of the space” overcomes and is more important than the “outcome of the form”, unless the project isspecifically a monumental one. “Form” is a product of “design strategy” and follows the “design technique”. Hence I do not usually know what kind of form I am going to end up with in any project. This is not easily understood by the ordinary clients.

Ali Kermanian