Ali Kermanian
Architect, Critic, Educator, Developer & Entrepreneur 
1990            Masters of Science in Architecture (honors)
Bartlett School of Environmental Design, University College London UCL
1988            Bachelors of Art in Architecture (honors)
                Polytechnic of Central London PCL (University of Westminster)   
Academic Qualifications and Professional Experience
1990 - Present Founder & Principal of Ali Kermanian & Associates; Architecture, Design & Development, Tehran; A renowned architectural practice with a portfolio of excellence in architecture, 
interior design and planning services for more than 180 clients throughout Iran, offering feasibility studies, design development and construction management of award-winning residential, 
office & commercial new construction and restoration projects.
Temporary Office in San Diego (2013-2015) studying real estate market feasibility and opportunities in San Diego and Los Angeles area for defining projects 
Temporary Office in London, UK (2010-2012) providing supervision of the London House Residential Project
1990 - Present Invited Speaker, lecturer and panelist; Held Architecture and Urban Speeches in various Professional & Academic Seminars
2011 – Present Co-founder & Board Member of “Tehran Institute for Metropolitan Studies”, a cultural institution for research, raising awareness, mediating between urban experts and city 
authorities preserving, enhancing and celebrating the built environment of Tehran
2012 – Present Honorary Member of Iran’s Architectural Pride worthies Foundation, Tehran; An elite architects association in Iran aimed at establishing guidelines for the present and 
future of architecture in Iran.
2016  Co-Founder of Fa’alaan Group, The first group of architecture activists in Iran
2013 - 2016 Co-Founder & President of K&F Partners LLC, Architecture, Design and Development, San Diego, USA
2014 Organizer, Planner, Consultant and Head of the Jury of “Avandad First Interior Design Award”, Tehran
2014 First Honorary Recipient of Award  of Tehran Institute for Metropolitan Studies; This award was given for long time effort and contribution towards the advancement of architecture
in Tehran.
2012 – 2016     Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Tehran Institute for Metropolitan Studies”, Tehran (explained above)
2000 – 2014     Founder & Organizer of Monthly Professional Gatherings of Architects' with Ali Kermanian, Tehran; the longest running private social gathering of architects in Iran
2009 - 2014     Founder and Organizer of Monthly Experimental Movie Gatherings with Ali Kermanian         
2008 - 2013     Managing Director of Vadi-Sabze Tehran Architecture and Construction Consultants
2004 - 2013     Co-Founder, Part owner & Member of the Board of Directors of Vadi-Sabze Tehran Architecture and Construction Consultants 
2010 - 2012     Member of the Board of Directors at the Tehran Construction Engineering Organization, Department of Architecture 
2009 - 2012 Representative for “Iaac”, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona in Iran. Iaac is one of the few progressive schools of architecture in the world with 
worldwide reputation and credit in the field of architectural education.
2008 - 2012     Founder of Friends of the Iran’s Architectural Society, Tehran; An NGO established and tasked to revitalize the only Independent National Association of Architects in Iran (IAA)
that should monitor and produce both professional and academic guidelines in architecture in Iran as the highest authority in this field. (The efforts of this NGO were finally resulted in the 
reestablishment and election of December 2014 of this organization where all of the nominees of this group were elected as the first members of the board of directors.)
2012            Guest Editor in Chief of ”Architecture and Urbanism” Magazine No: 106/107 Special Edition Introducing Cotemporary Architecture of Tehran – Summer/Spring 2012
2010        Recipient of Mozayani Annual Book Award in Architecture for the book: “Architecture Beyond Architecture”, problems of contemporary architecture in Iran      
2004 - 2008   Founder of the “Tehran Team”; an active work group formed to study and monitor the contemporary architecture in Tehran. This was the basic foundation of
“Tehran Institute for Metropolitan Studies” established later in 2011.
2007            Member of Jury for “Me'mar Award” for Architecture, Tehran; The highest respected architectural award in Iran
2006            Winner of Tabriz International Carpet Center Competition
                Partner and project Manager for Shiraz Trade Center in association with Shirdel & Partners, Tehran
2005     Finalist of “Me’mar Award” for Architecture, For the Gilavand Villa, Iran (explained above) 
                One of four Iranian Representatives in the UIA, in Istanbul, Turkey.(Union International of Architects)
2004            Organizer, Planner and Fourth Prize Winner of the Bam Municipality Competition; The first architectural competition held in Bam after the earthquake of 2003 where the largest 
oldest earth city in the world was destroyed to the ground.
                Held Exhibition of Architectural Works at the Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran 
                Director of Ati-Center International Competition Tehran, in association with Atisaz Co.
                Membership of the Iranian Architects' Association (IAA)
                Finalist of “Me’mar Award for Architecture”, Tehran, Iran (explained above) 
2003            Co-Founder of “Bam Post Earthquake Reconstruction Project Group” and Project Manager of the Fund raising and Design competition for basic facilities
2002            Co-Producer of “Gray Men’s Journey" movie with Amir Shahab Razavian,(Awarded and bought by NHK, Tokyo)
2001            Finalist of Me’mar Award for Architecture, Tehran
    Co-Producer of the "Iranian Spread" movie with Kianoush Ayyari, (Awarded in Tehran)            
2000     Awarded First Grade Licensed Architect # 10014811 by HUD Iran Urban Planning License # 1039865 by HUD Iran
                Membership of Iranian Construction Architects and Engineers Organization
1993 - 1995   Head of the Department of Architecture, Central Azad University, Tehran 
1990 - 1995     Architecture Lecturer at Azad Central University, Tehran 
1992            Founder, Director and Jury member of the First Iranian Architecture Students'Competition, Tehran Azad Central University
1988 - 1990     Worked at offices of “Price Architects” & “Dusek Associates” in London
Selected Published Work
2013   Contemporatary Neo-Classicist Architecture in Tehran, a product of ignorance, irresponsibility, and speculation of the new riches, Baam Magazine No: 2 Summer
2010          Architecture Beyond Architecture, Problems Of Contemporary Architecture in Iran (Awarded book), Tehran
2009          Payker Bonyad Panel Factory, Parand Industrial City, Iran, Architectural Record, 03,Mc Graw Hill, New York
Participation to Reach Transformation, journal and website of of Architects Association of Iran, 02
2008   A Dream Possible to Come True, Andishe Iranshahr Quarterly,Vol:3, No: 11/12
    Guild, the only way to reform, FISA Web Site
    Design studios in our universities, Shabak Quarterly, Kashan University, Vol: 2,No: 3
    The 9th Project, Interior Design in Contemporary Tehran, Abadi Jrnl, Vol:17, No:57
2007   Architecture, Ideas & other things, Sharestan Quarterly,No:13/14
2006   Project: Award Winner Tabriz International Carpet Center Competition, Architecture & Construction Magazine, No:11        
    Project: Izadshahr Villa, Me'mar Magazine, No:38
    Tehran & Five-Storey Building Elevationa, Andishe Iranshahr Quarterly, Vol:2, No:7/ 8
  Building Elevations in Tehran, Architecture & Urbanism, No: 84
2005   Architectural Competitions, Andishe Iranshahr Quarterly,  Vol 1No: 
    A Critical View of Ati Centre Projects, MA Magazine, No: 19
    Farsi Translation of Peter Eisenman's Lecture in Istanbul UIA Architectural Paradigms,IAA Annual Publication          
    Neighborhood Development in Tehran, Sustainable Neighborhood Development of Tehran Seminar, Andishe Iranshahr Quarterly, Vol: 1, No: 3
    Projects: Works of Ali Kermanian, Me'mar Magazine, No: 30
2004   Identity & Critique in Contemporary Iranian Architecture, Me'mar Magazine, No: 27
2001   Project: Khaledi Apartment Building, Me'mar Magazine, No: 15
Selected  Recent  Lectures  &  Presentations
2014 – present Planner and programmer of Monthly Dialogues of Tehran Institute of Metropolitan studies at Museum of Ghasr and Afshar Foundation, Tehran
2014 – present Invited Critic and Panel Leader at Monthly Dialogues of Tehran Institute of Metropolitan studies at Museum of Ghasr and Afshar Foundation, Tehran
2016 – present Planner and programmer of Monthly Sessions of Rokhdad Memari Institution at Afshar Foundation, Tehran
2016 – present Invited Speaker at Monthly Sessions of Rokhdad Memari Institution  Afshar Foundation, Tehran
2016        Invited Guest on National TV program “Cheshme Shab Roshan” 
2014          Invited Speaker at Southern California SIAP, Santa Monica, California, USA “Identity and Contemporary Architecture in Iran”, A Conversation with Ali Kermanian
2014        Invited Speaker at Iranian National Radio for two programs; On Radio Culture;An Interview on Problems of Iranian Contemporary Architecture with Ali Kermanian, Tehran
2014        Invited Speaker at Kermanshah Azad University; “A study of Identity and Architecture in Iran Through Contemporary Built Work”, Kermanshah
2014        Invited Lecturer at AA Visiting School, Tehran; Identity of the Past, A Delusion Today London based Architectural Association (AA) is one of the most highly reputable
architectural schools in the world.
2013        Invited Speaker at Iranian Consultants Organization; Tradition and Identity in Iranian Contemporary Architecture, Tehran
2013        Invited Speaker at Isfahan University; Philosophy and Contemporary Architecture, Isfahan
2013        Invited Speaker at Ghazvin Order of Architects and Engineers Organization;“The Importance of the Role of The Architect in Iranian Society Today”, Ghazvin 
2012        Invited Speaker at Seminar on “Modernity and Tradition in Iranian Contemporary Architecture” by Azad University of Tehran
2012        Invited Speaker at Seminar on “The role of The Architect in the Iranian Contemporary Society”, by Naghshe Memar Magazine; Tehran
2011        Invited Guest on National TV program “Two Steps To the Morning”